Taking The Garden Inside (Decorating With Your Garden Pictures)

So this Winter, since we couldn’t garden… or BBQ… we decided to brighten up our home w/ some of our best gardening pictures.  At first we were just printing pictures of family and such, which is cool & all.   You know sweet pictures, ones of Grandma(s) w/ their Grandchildren or Sister-in-law(s) w/ beers. 

But as we started looking at our pictures we quickly realized…

We might love our garden more than our family.

Or at least you would think so based our Flickr account.

Anyhow… so why fight it right?  So we printed an equal amount of garden pictures and family pictures.  Just so you can see how cool the garden pictures turned out – we snapped a pic before hanging them.  Check it out…

Pictures of our garden.

Pretty cool eh?  I bet some of you remember them, and if not – you can print your own from our stash by hitting up our Flickr account.  We don’t mind.  Just send us lots of money and free stuff.  You know you want to.

The whole point of this post was to tell you to use your garden photos to spruce up your home.  Why pay for someone else’s, when you can use your own!

P.S. – if you are a gardener… or just like free sh!t – check in next week when we start giving away some gardening goodies to our readers.  Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Taking The Garden Inside (Decorating With Your Garden Pictures)”

  1. Great idea! I have used my garden photos and created coffee table books and calendars for family members.

  2. My brother asked me to start a blog (so he could see what was going on with the family, I guess) so I started a garden blog. He was not amused and left my first comment on my garden blog about “where are the kids” or something like that. I think I could get out of control pretty easily with the idea of decorating from my garden. I only have two pics up…so far.

    Christine in Alaska

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