That My Friends… Watermelon Sprouts

Yup the watermelon sprouts just broke the surface yesterday afternoon and so we snapped a few pics and had to share today.  We planted these a while back and Shala was wondering if we really had planted them or if in a crazed watermelon act of desperation – I ate them. 

I didn’t though.  The proof is in the pudding garden.

These are black diamond watermelons, which to me are some of the best.  They will get about 30-40 lbs and looking at them now… you wouldn’t believe it.  Crazy lil sprouts.

We will be putting together a “How to care for watermelons” post soon, so keep your eyes peeled.  In the meantime, just sign up for the Double Danger RSS Feed and when it gets finished you can check it out.  Enjoy the pics.

Watermelon Sprouts

Watermelon Sprouts Pictures (Black Diamond)

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