That Not So Normal Saturday Post

I can’t remember the last time we posted on a Saturday.  Well, I can – but still.  It isn’t very often.  The sad part is the fact that the weekend is here… and it is 30 degrees again this morning.


Should have know it was too good to be true – all this warm weather.  Just like the folks of West Texas – the trees, plants… everything is out of whack.    Yesterday was a super nice day – close to 80 degrees and Shala stole some pics before the weather flipped on us.

Bradford Pear Blooms

Our Bradford Pear is in bloom – funny thing is, this is Shala’s favorite tree… and when we got into our new house.  Guess what was there waiting for us… you guessed it.  A Bradford Pear of her very own.  We have never really realized how awesome the blooms were, but as you can see – awesome.

Blooming Barrel

This pic above is of the barrel we put together with tulips, daffodils and hyacinth.  As you can see the daffodils & hyacinth are blooming at the moment.  Giving our cul de sac some much needed color.

Daffodils pic

Here is just a close-up pic of one of the daffodil that bloomed yesterday.  Kind of liked this pic because it wasn’t your traditional straight forward daffodil picture.

White Mum Picture

This is our flower of choice (Mum) for our favorite vase that sits on our breakfast table.  You might have seen this big print we picked up at Target one day – they compliment each other well.


This pic if of some tulips we picked up to spruce up the dining room.   We like to keep fresh flowers around in general – but these seemed appropriate for spring coming around the corner.

Shala should be putting up a pic of the lettuce in the Aerogarden later today… you will be blown away by what this thing is producing.

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