The Racist Odd Couple

This past weekend I went on a short fishing trip with some friends and early Sunday morning, as I pulled out of the camp site and onto the main highway – I spotted this pair of friends.

The Odd Couple

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What a strange site as I rounded the corner.  We had seen this large bull the night before when we were pulling into camp, but his little friend wasn’t there with him at the time.  I am no bird expert, but I have seen this bird walking the shallow water eating bait fish on several occasions – just don’t know the name. 

I assume they are a racist duo, as they were seemingly mocking the black cows and birds – same with the brown ones.  **shakes head** Chatting away as I drove by…  one of them said something about Obama (my bird is a lil rusty – but it was something about gun control). 

In all seriousness – it was a neat photo opp and glad I could share these guys with you.

6 thoughts on “The Racist Odd Couple”

  1. I think this bird is a cattle egret. They hang around herds of cattle and eat bugs. Often, you can catch one standing on top of a cow – I assume they’re eating flies up there = but maybe they’re just taking a ride.

  2. I was just reading your contact page, funny stuff. I emailed that spam address just to see if it was real. It hasn’t came back yet.

  3. I know, sorry, that last comment didn’t have anything to do with your post. I’m just tired and retarded. For some reason I thought that I was emailing you, not commenting, lol.

  4. Ahahaha! hahahahahahahhaaa!!!!
    (my laugh is actually alot like I spell it – just really loud…)

    I showed this to my husband and he spit his coffee on my computer screen.

    Thanks ALOT!!!

    AHAHAHA! hahahahahahahaaaaa haaa! HAAA!

    the goose… hee hhheee heee!

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