Tigridia & Lily Blooms w/ Pics

I planted some bulbs in our front flower garden back in February.  They are actually supposed to be planted in the fall for spring bloom but since we weren’t in our house in the fall that didn’t get done.  I did buy the bulbs and keep them in the fridge for a couple of weeks so that they would get their “cold time”.

All of our tulips bloomed awhile back and then the lillies started blooming but I was pretty sure that the Tigridia was not going to bloom.  It just kept getting taller and taller with no blooms. 

Then Sunday morning as we headed out to go to Odessa we found this!

tigridia blooming

Out of the three types of bulbs that I planted this one is probably my favorite.   Though I’m not to crazy about its leaves I can overlook them for the beautiful flower they produce.

Also a Sunday bloomer is this pink lilly.  I love pink and I really like how the flower has those white highlights that make the flower look like it is glowing.

Pink lily blooming

Please excuse all the mess in the background of these pictures.  It is that dreaded nut grass that has made it look like such a mess and I didn’t want to treat the grass until all my bulbs had come and gone.  As much as I enjoy the flowers I’m hoping that they are all done blooming pretty soon because the nut grass is really driving me, well, nuts.

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