Tree Is Almost Done

This week was spent mostly in the backyard hating life and contemplating if that $500 to cut down the tree was really all that overpriced.  I think I have spent most of that in beer already, and potentially at the chiropractor.  Geez… why don’t you people tell me what I am getting myself into when I blog these things.

Someone could have easily said…

“James… just pay the damn guys, come home and see how your tree is gone and the wood is neatly stacked up by your fence.”

Nope… everyone says…


So I do… and a week later I am cussing the existence of trees all together.  Who needs these freakin’ things anyhow?  I mean really… haha

So here is what we are left with at this point, I will soon cut the rest of it down – baby steps ok… babysteps.

Rest of the tree

Oh… not to mention all these big limbs on the ground that I am working on with the chainsaw.

Limbs left to cut.

And oh yeah… all this freakin’ wood I have put my OCD stamp on and stacked near the fence for now.

Wood Pile

Holy hell… can you believe how much wood?  I am giving away a lot, since I have no clue what we would do with it.  I am not a big fan of mesquite for smoking when I BBQ, and we just do not use the fireplace that much in the winter (we might start now!).  But I am working on a spot that will become the woodpile soon enough, so until then – the wood pile is on the back fence.  Lots of work, and still more to go.

The dogs love the fact that there are 9 Million chew toys to enjoy in the yard at any given moment.  They spend their day trying to find the perfect one.

Mikey chewing on a stick

Mikey has found a few…

Ghost dog makes an appearance

Ghost dog showed up to find her a few as well.  But Mikey trumped the dog world with his eventual largest chew toy ever…

Mikey finds largest chew toy ever.

3 thoughts on “Tree Is Almost Done”

  1. Not long after we got married & I moved into (took over) my wife’s house, I felled a 25′ long-needle pine tree that was dropping needles everywhere & providing no shade and a dying apricot tree from the back yard. So I can empathize with ya! Chopping those trees up & hauling off the debris was a serious pain! Worse yet, I dug the danged roots up and chopped ’em out with an axe! Then had to haul in load after load of dirt to fill the sinkholes! Sheesh!

    I hafta admit that doing the whole Paul Bunyan number on that pine tree was kind of a cool Tim Allen grunting pig moment of manliness. And of course, when you’ve got the chainsaw in hand, you’ve gotta give out your best Leatherface (Texas Chainsaw Massacre) impersonation…

    Once I got the yeard cleared, I turned around & planted a scrawny Arizona Ash tree right in the middle. Happy to say that little twig has grown like a weed and stands nearly 30′ now.

  2. @Rob O. – once again, glad to see you stop by. Yeah now that I am on the downslope it is definitely worth it… but geeez if it wasn’t a TON of work.

    30′ … wow, wish I had that guy in our front yard.

    Oh and I ain’t choppin and diggin up roots… they can stay for all I care. haha

  3. James, the Arizona Ash is nice but because it’s mostly a vertical variety of tree, it doesn’t offer a lot of shade. But it fits our back yard perfectly.

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