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Last week James posted about the pool area that we have created.  I thought that I would post an up close picture of the little sitting area that we have, so that you all can see the plants a little better.

Pool Sitting Area

From left to right:  First off is the Paddle Plant.  I should have bought more of these, they are so easy to care for and just keep on growing and looking cute!  Between the first chair and table is the White Christmas Caladium.  We put this one really close to the tree because they like a lot of shade.  It is also doing really well and is putting out some little babies for us.  On the table is a Purple Lisianthus.  I was a little skeptical about buying this plant because it doesn’t seem very hardy, but the two that we bought are doing suprisingly well despite the awful heat that we are having.  To the far right is the Japanese Aralia and James’ favorite.  It is suffering a little from the heat, but continues to put out new leaves and just needs a little bit more water than some of the rest.  Under its huge leaves is another Purple Lisianthus being shaded from the sun and a yellow Marigold to help with keeping the mosquitos away.

There are a couple of other areas with different plants in them and I will try to snap some pictures later today to share with you all.

After not posting for awhile I have posted two days in a row!  Is everyone proud?  I guess that James needs to go away more often so that I will post.

5 thoughts on “Up Close”

  1. Ghost – The pool has been soooo nice although we can’t stay too long in the heat of the day. Even with sunscreen I get too much sun.

    Heidi – There is only one plant in each pot. We did buy them already growing a little but they have grow since we have had them.

  2. Megan – I water the potted plants usually twice a day. There are a couple that don’t need it that often, but they all definitely need it everyday! We just transplanted some pepper plants and I don’t think that they are going to make it. The heat shock was just too much for them. It’s sad 🙁

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