Veggies are cool, but…

We are pretty focused on our veggies at the moment, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t give plenty of tlc to our flowers.  It is always a nice suprise when they bloom because they aren’t inspected quiet as closely as the veggies.

Our lisianthus gave us some beautiful blooms and I have to admit they haven’t been in the best shape.  Everything that I read about them said that they need some sun but I think that our sun is just too strong and hot for them.  Last night I moved them to the corner of the porch where they will get some morning sun, but be completely shaded from the hot afternoon sun.  I love their deep purple flowers and please excuse some of the brown leaves.  They are the reason for the recent move, I look for them to perk up in the next couple of days!

Purple Lisianthus bloom

Our Hardy Hibiscus also just found a new home.  It has moved into the flower bed with the vinca.  That flower bed gets a lot of sun and the flowers get pretty hot, but they are all doing well with a daily watering.  Thankfully the bed is pretty small and we have some plastic in the bottom of it so it doesn’t take much water for them to get a good drink.

Vinca and hardy hibiscus bed

Bonus pics!

We haven’t had the greatest week and have been dealing with some stressful decisions that we will fully disclose at a later date, so I have been pretty down.  I seem to take things harder than James, he is so logical and I am so emotional, you know that whole men are from Mars thing.  Anyway, yesterday evening as we were watering it got a little darker and I turned to look over the house at the sky and got this picture.  It is funny how the sun light and a few clouds can make you feel so relaxed and make you realize that the little things that we deal with are so small in comparison to all the things going on in the rest of the world.

Blue skies

Bonus pic part two!

I wasn’t going to post this today but I just can’t contain myself.  This is our first cucumber bloom.  It’s a male, but still a bloom so we are happy!

Cucumber Bloom

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