We Were Not Meant To Have Okra

Something tells me that Okra just isn’t in our cards.  We grew some from seed a while back and transplanted… which didn’t pan out.  So we grew some more from seed in the ground, so no transplanting.  Things have been going good for the sprouts – all looking great compared to the original transplants.

This past weekend we walked outside and found Izzy (our BIG ASS LAB PUPPY) running the fence and doing her best to murder anything in her way.  When the damage was finally surveyed we found the big cantaloupe we posted from last week… murdered.  Also the bell pepper plant was broke as well, and the biggest of the rogue tomato adoptees laying out of the ground.  **shakes head**

Not to mention the other rogue tomato adoptee was flattened into tomato soup. 

We fixed, replanted and hopefully saved the big tomato and bell pepper plant – but the cantaloupe was helplessly destroyed.  We did have another one, and the watermelon was spared by our big pawed friend.

There were about 6 okra sprouts here and there in our section devoted to okra and we lost about 2 of them in this first romp.  Sucks, but we were happy there were 4 remaining.

Later on in the weekend we find Izzy doing the same thing and trying her best to finish off those plants she spared the first go round.  THIS DOG MUST BE STOPPED! 

After repairing the damage – we find our Okra is down to 2 lil sprouts now and one is on its way out the door I am sure.  I think it is safe to say we may not have any Okra this year.  We need to work on fixing this new problem we have encountered.  FREAKIN’ DOG!

So here is a picture we planned on posting about how great our okra are doing.  The sad thing is now it is more of a obituary of sorts.  R.I.P. okra sprouts… it was fun while it lasted.

So long okra.


4 thoughts on “We Were Not Meant To Have Okra”

  1. I always wait until it is at least in the 90’s before I plant my okra seed. You might try one more time. I think, they germinate better in the heat. Sorry about the dog, we had a great dane who did the same thing to my garden when I was just a kid.

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  3. Oh I am so sorry to hear about the death of your plants. It’s always really hard. For me, my garden is like my baby, so it’s hard when things don’t go the way you want them to.

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