What is this Mystery Plant?!?!? HELP!

My Mother bought this plant a few years back and she cannot remember what it is for the life of her.  This is where you guys & gals come in.  I will show some pics down below and then you can bounce it off your friends, visitors and all that – until we can finally figure this thing out.

So here goes nothing…  and thanks in advance for those of you that work at trying to figure it out.

Mystery Plant 1

Mystery Plant 2

Mystery Plant 3

6 thoughts on “What is this Mystery Plant?!?!? HELP!”

  1. @Dwight – I think you are right, never thought of looking for it in that rhelm. My Mom will be so happy to finally identify it…it has been killing her. THANKS!

  2. Er, James, before you get too excited about its being a tobacco, you might want to investigate the possibility of its being some kind of exotic pokeweed. It sure looks like a pokeweed to me–though not the species that’s common around here! Mind you, I love pokeweed, so I’m not dissing your Ma for buying one. Here’s how you can tell: If it is a pokeweed, it should develop beautiful green, then reddish, then purple-black berries from those flower spikes, and the foliage should turn a gorgeous red-purple in fall. Keep us posted!

  3. Yep…I agree…the blossoms look more like pokeweed. Probably waiting for the berries would tell you for sure. In the meantime, smoking it would probably be a mistake.

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