Who is Ready For Some Armadillo Eggs!

I know some people that come here are thinking… what did I get myself into.  Why did I start reading this blog, I can’t remember.  I come here on my humpday morning and they are talking about armadillo eggs?

I need a new hobby…

😉  perhaps.

Perhaps not.  What I mean is, our jalapenos are making progress and we expect to see peppers really soon!  Yup, those lil guys that have been taking a beating the last couple months with all the crazy weather and hail and whatever else you can think of working against them… they finally are blooming!

Jalapeno Plant Blooming

We actually trimmed it up a lil yesterday, we have had an aphid problem, ant problem and EVERY SINGLE PROBLEM YOU CAN THINK OF LATELY – so they were struggling.  As you can tell.  Notice the big fat Izzy paw print right next to the plant.  She got in there the other day and likes to walk around and try to stamp down whatever she can. 

She missed this one though.

We have 3 jalapeno plants and two are blooming at the moment – ready to start producing some of those awesome jalapenos that we will use come BBQ time.  Armadillo eggs anyone?

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