A Boy And His Beer: Michael’s Charcoal Grill

This past weekend we made it to Michael’s Charcoal Grill here in Midland Texas.  Local folks likely have eaten there more times than they can count.  Honestly, I am not the biggest fan in the world of this establishment – however it does have some style about it.

Beers @ Michael's Charcoal Grill

The Aviation Atmosphere

The entire place is based on aviation, from the model planes hanging from the ceilings, to the pictures of fighter jets and pilots covering the walls.  That part is pretty cool, gives you some eye candy to enjoy while your waiting on your food.

A Long History in Midland 

Now when I first moved to Midland (10 years ago), I thought this place was the top of the top.  I love burgers.  Let me get that out of the way first.  This place had a few good ones and I enjoyed going there for that reason alone.  As the years have gone by, I have eaten some of the best burgers in town, state & out of state… so these burgers now pale in comparison to past burger experiences.

However, Shala ordered ribs and they were decent and I am going to start branching out as we end up there from time to time.  I just don’t want people to yell at me, because Michael’s is their favorite and I’m talking trash.  I’m not talking trash, I like the place – I just am not that into it as much anymore.  I’m hoping that trying a few new items will cure this problem, as I really do like the atmosphere and the people are always nice.  Also I like when they yell the order back to the griller…

“Rell EYE – sumtin’ sumtin'” – I dunno what they really say, sounds like that though.

The KING of Condiments

Now usually, if a burger is good enough, no need to add anything.  Set me up with my beer and burger/fries and I will be good to go.  Michael’s gives you options though.  You want pickles, spears, jalapenos, bbq sauce… hell just walk over to the mile long bar of condiments and start adding it up.  Just don’t go too far, you gotta get your mouth around it.  Definitely a good selection of additions for those that like to expand their palette.

Now… The Beer

My beer brain is forever tarnished with the massive mugs at Murray’s (that folks, is alliteration), so seeing anything smaller… even though that is normal – has made me shed a tear (in my beer) ever since.  The good thing about Michael’s is, they serve pitchers of beer.  Now this isn’t usually a big deal in some places – but it seems as if our city eating establishments have shied away from this frosty goodness and Michael’s is an exception.  So needless to say, we took two frosty mugs and a nice big pitcher to wet our throats while we waited for a grillin’.  A+ as far as beers go.  AMEN to the pitcher – I hope they never change that.

4 thoughts on “A Boy And His Beer: Michael’s Charcoal Grill”

  1. i love micheals, but i think it’s their fries that draw me in. if you’re ever up this way my man, ill take you to mg’s. they have a burger there called the cadillac. damn tasty.

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