Do You Need A Realtor In The Permian Basin?

As a lot of you know that read us on a daily basis… or weekly, or whenever you have a minute – you know we just went through the process of selling our home and buying another.  This was very unexpected (you know the story), and honestly we were worried if we were going to be able to survive it all.

We did.

In fact, in the last few days we closed on both the selling of our house and the buying of our new one.  So with it being fresh and our worry finally subsiding – we felt it was important for us to pass on the word to those that are local to the Midland/Odessa or The Permian Basin about how great our realtor was/is.

Believe us when we say we had lots of choices for a realtor.  One of our good friends… his mother is one of the bigger realtors in Midland, I used to work at Coldwell Banker before it spread all its realtors around Midland to all the other agencies – so it is safe to say… I know a crapload of realtors.

Not to mention everyone and their mother refers their realtor – which is cool and so we had plenty to choose from.

We did have someone in our extended family that is a realtor, and her associate in the Midland office would be happy to work with us.  We weren’t sure at first, since this gal was new at being a realtor – but family is family… so we trusted in our fam and went with it.

The realtor in question… Lydia Scudder @ Legacy Real Estate.

I guess I shouldn’t say “in question”, because there is no question about her at all.  Lydia was awesome from the moment go.

The funny part about this… wait, it wasn’t funny while it was going on, but now it is.  The funny part was that we have had the pleasure of dealing with Lydia twice in the last year and in some situations that I’m sure all of us grew from and I cannot think of a better person to have done it all with. 

Of course a year ago (next week) we closed on our house on Culver, and it was our first home – so what an experience to share with Lydia.  We thought it was the house of our dreams and up until 5 or 6 months ago… it was the house we planned to raise our kids in, build our family in and grow old together in.  I know, I know, we probably would have sold it before we got to the grow old part, but still – wishful thinking.

Lydia Scudder was awesome throughout the process, us being first time buyers – we had no FREAKING clue on what to do.  We had no clue what we wanted.  We had no clue how to go about it.  To say we leaned on Lydia was an understatement to say the least.  We hopped on her back and she carried us through the whole process… yeah, that would be more accurate.

I’m a needy person.  My wife tells me all the time.  Not needy like I whine all the time about stuff – but I need answers and I need the absolute answers.  I don’t want anything getting missed, being winged at the last minute or anything even close.  I want it well planned, I want it clear and concise and I wanted it done as soon as possible.  I’m not overbearing I don’t believe (Lydia & Shala both would probably love to argue that point – but I won’t let them), however I do want things done in order and things thought out well ahead of time.  Call me crazy.  I can say though with confidence that very seldom do we get caught off guard, and if we do – it is easily remedied.

That being said…  Lydia had to put up with a lot of emails… lots of phone calls and lots of !@#$ in general.  She handled it like a champ.  CHAMP!

After finding our dream house last year and getting it all done – we were so happy to have had Lydia as our realtor.  After 6 or 8 months in the house we were pleased but all good things must come to an end and sure enough it came via a knock on the door.  In a matter of minutes our lives were turned upside down and shook frantically. 

I really didn’t know what to do, it isn’t every day that someone knocks on your door and says that a school is expanding and they want your house.  We were in shock to say the least.  Part of us just wanted to go and lock our doors and cry.  Ok – maybe we did that too – but the big boy in me said…

“Get up, and pull up your drawers and get to work.”

So we did.

Lydia was one of the first people we called, she said she would investigate and get back to us.  Which she did, and at first we all thought it wasn’t a big deal.  However as we began to dig a bit further, we realized it was something we likely couldn’t shake and would eventually have to deal with.  So instead of putting if off, we decided to go ahead and start looking at our options and go from there.

Once again we leaned on Lydia in this situation as we didn’t have a clue on how to handle or go about it.  She was green in terms of this situation, but used her resources to figure it all out.  One thing I learned long ago is it is ok to not have all the answers, but you should rely on those that do – and find those answers any way you can.  Lydia did exactly that, and before long we had a good idea of what our house was worth, what we could do in terms of negotiations and we were ready to look for houses.

You have to understand something with Lydia.  If you have ever been with a realtor and went looking at houses… you know that sometimes they are trying to sell EVERYTHING to you.  “Oh, you can fix that.” or “That would be perfect for you!” – even though the house smells of cat piss and hasn’t been updated since 1958.  Lydia never forced anything on us.  In fact we had more fun laughing and making fun of some houses each time we got together to look at houses.  The overall feel was relaxed and the minute we were turned off on a house – it was over… moving on.

We liked that A LOT.  I HATE the run-of-the-mill realtor that is so fake and tries their hardest to sell houses.  Lydia is not run-of-the-mill.  Not at all.

We did find our dream house again.  After looking for a few weeks and finalizing the offer with the school’s representative – we were ready and started the process of buying our second home in a year.  Lydia once again got leaned on – since this was the first time we had sold a house.  And once again she held us together answering 9 MILLION questions over email and phone calls.  I can’t tell you how thankful we were for that.

My plea to you (our local readers), is if you need a realtor in the Permian Basin (Midland/Odessa/Andrews & anywhere else) – be sure to give Lydia Scudder a call, she works for Legacy and she is top notch.  She is still green enough in the business to not be corrupted by the money and “fakeness” – however she is well-equipped in handling even the off-the-wall situations in real estate. 

We don’t really do a lot of promotion on this website.  Maybe some software here and there.  Maybe some “Green” products or some plants here now and again… but this time it is from the heart.

Lydia Scudder has been a blessing to us.  She is fun-loving, smart – feisty – a go-getter and will do whatever it takes to get the job done for her clients.  We have made a true friend in Lydia and hope that anyone needing a realtor will give her a chance.

Thanks Lydia.

If you are looking for a real estate agent (realtor) in Midland Texas, Odessa Texas, Andrews Texas and the surrounding areas – be sure to give Lydia Scudder a call at Legacy Real Estate in Midland: (432) 687-6500, Ext: 228.  You can contact her via email as well: lscudder [at] legacyrealestate [dot] com.  You can also contact us here at Double Danger and we will get you in touch with Lydia – no worries.

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  1. lets just say some of the realtors out here DON’T do work – from experience… do you know if she’s certified to do the corporate house selling?

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