How I Grade Eating Establishments


Big Beers = Awesome Establishment

Murray's Deli in Midland Texas Has Big Beer

If you are ever in Midland, TX – be sure to stop in at Murray’s Deli.  Not only do they have great food (awesome burgers), they also have HUGE beers.  I like, I like.

8 thoughts on “How I Grade Eating Establishments”

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  2. @Benny – sir… you have never been more right.

    @Janie – One day we will likely bump into each other there… odds are on our side.

    @Rob O. – definitely worth the drive. There are a few places over there that are worth the drive as well. Keith’s!

    @Heather – Relaxing is right. And you know I told Mr. Damien Franco that a while back that we needed to organize a big tweet up or bloggers “expo” locally. It might be time. I know my wife & I would be down.

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