Double The Fun: 1 Part Me, 1 Part Shala

So with this new site going up, and everything changing as far as what you are used to… let me throw one more twist in there.  You ready?

My wife, Mashala is going to be posting on this site as well – giving the women things to read.  Things like design, fashion, shopping, weight-loss stories (from a women’s point of view) and anything else you can think of that is worth reading.

She is finally taking the leap into blogging, a hesitant leap – but a leap nonetheless.  I can understand her worrying about her writing style, what others will think about her being on “MY” blog and what have you… still – she is excited and ready to make a go at it.

What does this mean in the long run?  More unique content, more heartfelt stories, more blogging, more reading, more fun and a bit more girly things.  I hope everyone will give her the love that she deserves for doing this.  It will be awesome to have a place where everyone we know can come to see what is going on in our lives and play comment tag together.

So here’s to Double Danger – and Shala… the other half of the Double D’s.

2 thoughts on “Double The Fun: 1 Part Me, 1 Part Shala”

  1. I am looking forward to having mashala aboard. I will be interested in seeing what she has to say and add to the blog. I hope your day starts getting better.

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