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Spruce Up Your Alley w/ Sunflowers

Our AlleyAround these parts, we have these things called an alley.  Some places we go, people say… A WHAT?  They don’t get it, we try to explain… and it just doesn’t translate.  So we will explain, but forgive us if you have alleys where you are from and we go all third grade on you.

An alley is a road that splits a block of houses in half long ways – so that the garbage man can drive his big garbage truck and pick up the dumpsters of trash.  There are several big dumpsters on each block and you take your trash out to those dumpsters as needed and they are picked up twice a week.  Just imagine (if you don’t have an alley) that instead of putting your trash in trash cans by the street on trash day – you can throw them in a big community dumpster on your block and the trashman takes that instead.

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