Weekend Projects

A new section we are adding here.  Hopefully people do not think this is lame – but honestly… when have we cared what “people” thought right?  Right.  Weekends were made for projects, at least that is what it seems like.  We try our best to document what we can and pass that same info on to others out there wanting to nail that weekend projects.

I guess what we are trying to say is…

You get to learn from our mistakes.

We do the planning, deal with the budget… then give you the how-to to pull it off.  Sweet deal huh?  Right.  We are all about the sweet deals here at Double D.  Tell your friends.

So lets get to the good stuff, the projects:

Build Your Own Grape Arbor (Design) – It started with a sketch of a grape arbor – then by mid-afternoon it was waiting for the grapes.  You wanted to build your own grape arbor, so you ended up here – check the pictures for a quick glimpse.

How To Build A Planting Station (Design & Walk-Thru) – Need a planting station, or gardening work space – this 8 ft. monster for under 100$… easy and effective.  Building your own planting station shouldn’t be this easy… seriously.

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