Is Pumpkin Paleo?

Sure.  I mean as paleo as squash, zucchini or other melon types.  Sure it has more sweetness, so more carbs in the end – but limit it as you would any fruit and you will be fine.

Settle down… I didn’t say pumpkin pie was paleo – just pumpkin.

Is Beer, Wine or Liquor Paleo?

Yes and no.  Beer – most definitely no.  Wine – look, if you want to drink some wine – justify it… just don’t drink 2 bottles a night.  Use discretion.  Liquor – if you think everything in liquor (as long as it is clear) is all good… you are lying to yourself.  Try Potato-based vodka or non-grain based.  Dry wines. Hard ciders.

Try going the first 30 days off of alcohol all-to-gether if you can.  If you can’t – just keep it simple and keep it as non-polluted as possible.


Are Pecans Considered Paleo?

Yes.  They are paleo-friendly.