Where to start.  James Cross, a 28 year old web developer/web graphic/seo/blogger/project coordinator/CIO/web marketting all around “intraweb” badass and self confessed online junkie.  He is married to Mashala Cross (Shala), a designer/gossiper/gardener/candle maker/oil&gas specialist all around queen of the net superstar. They have two danger dogs – Mikey (a dachshund) and Izzy (a lab).  they have been married for 5 years, James & Shala… not the dogs.  Come on.

This blog was created out of their love for writing, web junk, learning and the spreading of knowledge throughout the masses.  You know… all the things our Mother’s taught us to do. Sure to provide witty stories of their life and great content for all the online-jack-of-all-trades types.  This website is not meant to offend anyone, if it has in any way – accept our apologies and feel free to leave.  🙂

Below you can see a few pictures James, Mashala & the Dogs.  Enjoy.

Mashala & James

Mike Danger


About us (February 1st 2015)

So that was a long time ago.. things have changed a bit.  Shala & I added a new little guy to the mix back in 2011 and Mikey went to that big dog park in the sky this past year (2015).  We have sold 2 houses since then and we have relocated to the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.  We now have 2 acres to play around with – and boy do we have a lot to do!  We decided to begin to share our story with everyone again – as it should be fairly interesting.  It might be pretty boring too – so hang on and enjoy.  Here are some updated pictures of our family below.




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