DIY = Death Induced by Yourself

I dunno, I couldn’t think of anything better.  Deal with it.

So we made it.  Life is getting back to normal.  Well, if normal means your house smells like carboard and you can’t find shit, because it is boxed up somewhere in the garage/backyard/kitchen/bathroom or where ever the hell else it shouldn’t be.  Yeah, normal like that.

We are so beat up and tired from the past two weeks, there is just nothing in DIY that accounts for working 8 hours a day, then coming home and working 6-8 more hours (at least).  Maybe it is in the fine print somewhere.  Maybe not.  Then factor in that we were on a deadline in which if we didn’t meet… we would be on the streets in the cold (and yes, it finally is cold in Texas).  Annnnnnnnnd… we had to move all of our crap as well, after all the rennovations were done (by us).

The smart part of me spent most of the past two weeks saying…


“Why did you do this again?  Are you high?  People can be hired for things like this.  You don’t have to always push the limits of your abilities and everyone else’s.”

When I say the smart part, I mean my wife.  I am suprised she made it through this whole she-bang.

She probably was my biggest motivation to be honest.  The first day we went over that the people had their stuff out, we really got a chance to see it all in it’s glory.  This made it more clear as to how much work really needed to be done.

Shala has never really been a part of a project quite this big and so she was not very excited.  The look on her face and the words coming from her mouth were sobering.  At that point I decided that it didn’t matter what it took…

I had to get this done.

The good thing is we had help from both sets of parents, some siblings and friends.  So it didn’t have to totally rely on me and her… but I can say that there were some nights when everyone was gone and I was working on something all by my lonesome and the only thing keeping me going was that look on her face that first day.  So my thought process was…

I had to get this done.

For her.  For us.  For mankind.  Ok – maybe that last one was a stretch… I’ve been watching too many Obama videos I think.  But you get the point.

Shala had her doubts, I can admit that I had a few myself after a few days and what seemed like little progress… but stick-to-it-tive-ness reigns supreme and as things started coming together and the paint went up and the new flooring & baseboards went down… each new fixture… ceiling fan… it was becoming clear that…

We were getting this done.

It wasn’t very easy.  Well – a few things maybe, but overall – it was hard work.  Sometimes we didn’t want to do it.  Sometimes we called it quits early.  Somedays we were there late.  My hands hurts, my back ached and regardless of what was going on my mind continued to race about what needed to be done.  Even to the point where one morning at 4AM as I lay in bed thinking of all the stuff that had to be done…  I decided to just get up and get some stuff done before heading to work. 

All the sleep lost, bruises… aches & pains don’t mean a thing now.  Because.

We got it done.

8 thoughts on “DIY = Death Induced by Yourself”

  1. @ghost – it is definitely worth it. So worth it.

    @deb – we went crazy and came back even crazier. haha

    @Megan – well done for now. Until the next one, and the next one and then…

    @Janie – Thanks!

  2. Incredible that you got it done so fast! In our case, painting, pulling up rugs to refinish floors, rebuilding floors, moving the kitchen, etc, took about nine months. The details, such as putting up woodwork around the new windows, may never get done! So–congratulations.

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