Pool Project Update w/ Pics

So as you know, the pool project is almost a wrap, we are just about to put the pool up and get everything situated around it.  We have a big party planned for Sunday night (for Shala’s birthday) and we want to have it wrapped up by then – not really to swim at the party… but to have it finished. 

Shala has caught some kind of cold/bug/sickness thingy, at first we thought it was allergies, but now we are thinking it is more than that.  She hasn’t felt all that great since Sunday, so she has been out of commission since.  I know she wants to help, and it is killing her.  So just too keep things on track – I have been working a bit out there during the week this week in hopes to keep it on track so that when she feels better we can tag team it and get it done.

I say that because I am sure some of you have noticed Shala hasn’t been commenting, being active on Blotanical or blogging lately… and I just wanted to let everyone know she is in recovery mode.

Now – back to the pool project.  So we had put some heavy duty commercial grade round-up on some grass that needed to be erradicated (I know, I know… it isn’t very organic of us…), and it has finally done it’s job.  All the grass looked pretty much dead, but I got to thinking about it and I remembered the people we bought the house from said that they had laid down sod within the past year.  The stupid thing… I didn’t think about it until after we had sprayed it with the roundup.  If I would have thought about it, I would have just ripped it up and reused it (hindsight is indeed 20/20) throughout the yard.  Oh well… too late.

Yesterday afternoon, since the grass had went to grass heaven, I decided to take it up so we could get on with the pool project already.  It really went fast, since the sod was fairly new, and also that corner of the yard is NEVER watered really and the dogs had done their fair share to ruin it as well.  With a shovel in hand it ripped up fast and within 45 minutes or so it was all over.  A bit of cleanup and leveling with the rake and we had us a nice spot for a swimming pool.  😉

Now with that all up, today I hope to get out there and put down some landscaping fabric to keep anything from growing into the pool.  Then we will be looking for some sand to put down and after that… the pool will go up.  We are still under budget, with about 200 bucks left.  We have to buy a few tiki torches and then the sand, and I think we are done.  After we get the pool up we are going to look at the boardwalk plan and see if it makes sense.  If we do it, then that will have to come out of that money as well.  If we do the boardwalk part, it would be only on one side… so it will be cheaper.

I will snap a picture at lunch and upate this post with what it looks like at the moment… apologies for not having one already.  Everything is going great though – let’s hope Shala gets well soon so we can work on the rest of it together!

Got the pic at lunch… here ya go…

Well actually, this is the before pic below.

Before grass was taken out.

And this one below is after the back corner of grass was taken out and plants and all that crap… you get the idea.

Pool area after grass is gone.

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