A Note From Mikey Danger

Hey guys, Mikey here.  I wanted to take a minute out of my busy day of bone chewing and butt sniffing to set the record straight and thank everyone for their well-wishes.

You see… last week there was a misunderstanding of some sort and I ended up spread eagle at the vet’s office.  Now normally vets are fairly cool to me, but this time – something went horribly wrong. 

I went in with my dignity & manhood and left with this bandana…

Mikey Danger - ball-less

I have never been a fan of bandanas, but this one holds a bit more meaning… which makes me hate it even more.  The bad thing is I can’t reach it to take it off and shred it… so it haunts me, much like the fact that I have lost my manhood.

If you have an information on where my manhood is, or what has happened, please email me at mikeydangerdog@doubledanger.com – I check it on my lunchbreaks and if not just leave me a comment.  I do appreciate your kind words and prayers – however it all seems a bit fishy and I am trying to get to the bottom of it.

Thanks again – and I am doing well, running, playing and other than the bandana – same old Danger dog.

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