Dog Days of Summer

Is it Summer yet?  Seems like this spring is taking forever.  We are already having weather in the 90-95+ range, so to us it almost seems like Summer has started.  This will be the first Summer in our new house and so it should be exciting to say the least.  It also is our first summer of vegetable gardening… if you don’t count that time I grew watermelons on the balcony of our apartment.  “They” told me it couldn’t be done.

They were kinda right…

We have been playing withe the dogs a lot in the backyard and we snapped some pics of them here and there and decided we needed to share them with everyone.  I know some of you out there are dog lovers like us, so I hope these hit home with you guys.


Izzy - Decisions

It is always hard for Izzy to decide which to play with.

Ninja Dogs

Usually something like this goes down where Mikey hovers in midair and then some yelps and Izzy picks up the closest thing, since Mikey puts a ‘whopin’ on her.

Mikey flaps his ears.

Then Mikey flaps his ears and wags his tail in disgust since he didn’t get the toy he wanted (still hovering).

Izzy's ball.

Izzy then lays and licks/bites/chews on her toy of choice until Mikey comes back to earth.

Mikey wins

Mikey always ends up winning in the long run.  Izzy… well she is oblivious.

Dogs playing

The dogs have been loving the exercise and sleep right through the night.

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