Guest Blogger: Izzy (the dog)

Dear Mom,

Let me lead off by saying I’m sorry.  I know it doesn’t amount to much coming from a dog – but it is true. 

I do not know all the details, but Dad filled me in on what the end result was… and needless to say, it wasn’t good.  I really had no clue what had happened, I remember you hitting the floor – but I just thought you wanted to play with my toy lamb.  I love that lamb.  I really do.

When I saw you on the ground next to it, I couldn’t help but to think that we had something in common (a love for a stuffed lamb), and it made my heart smile.  Little did I know that you were not getting down to play with my lamb at all, actually you were hurt.  Hurt, by something I did.

That… didn’t make my heart smile.

I get excited easily.  Guess it is the puppy in me, still holding on… not wanting to be overtaken to my grown-up side.  Yes, I do have a grown-up side… you have said it before yourself.  Actually, it can be easily confused with my sleepy side, because honestly they are the same.  When I get sleepy… I calm down.  Calm = grown up.  Or at least to most folks, it appears that way.

Yesterday when you let me inside, I was so excited to get to come in.  Not to mention, Grandma & Grandpa were there and you know I love them so much.  I saw them for just a second and then I was wisked inside – which I thought would mean that Grandma & Grandpa would be in there to pet me.  After a quick look around, I noticed this was not the case.  So I headed for the door to find them. 

That is where we met.  As you probably remember, I tried to stop – I hit the brakes hard.  That tile floor doesn’t do much for my brakes, specially with my nails being a little long.  So we collided.  It definitely wasn’t intentional.  Please believe that.  When Dad told me everything, I could barely remember what happened – since I didn’t even know you were hurt. 

Mikey tried to tell me something was wrong… but I thought he was crazy (and I still think he is a lil).  When Dad pulled me aside last night though, it became clear that I had really done a number on your knee.  I figured something was wrong, because no one fed me lunch and I didn’t see you guys until late… I just figured that y’all had been drinking.  That is usually the case. 

I guess what I am trying to say is I let the puppy in me get out of hand and I’m sorry.  I mean it.  If there is anything I can do for you… like chase squirrels, eat random objects or sleep on the bed next to you… I’m here for you.  Seriously. 

Just ask.

Love – Izzy (the dog)

P.S. – My memory of the event is a lil cloudy and as I think about it more and more… I really think it could have been Mikey.  Pretty sure I saw him run off all Tonya Harding style.  Pretty sure of it.  Oh and I attached a picture to remind you how cute I am and that I would love a chance to sit next to you.

Izzy - I'm Sorry

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