It Is A Love/Hate Relationship

I love our dog.  Really I do.

We just had a conversation this weekend about how she really is a good dog, and we were liking her more than the last 3-4 months when she was really a terror on 4 legs.

I know she is a puppy… and she is still learning and all…

buuuuuuuuuuuut… she has to trample and eventually murder one of our jalapeno plants?

Izzy strikes again...

I’m hopin’ that lil sprig of a leaf will shoot out and start itself all over again.  Never even got a jalapeno off of this plant either.

But we love our dog… really we do.

8 thoughts on “It Is A Love/Hate Relationship”

  1. Ouch! Poor jalapeno! I cringe when our dog goes roaming through
    the garden — luckily, so far he doesn’t seem to have done any significantly noticeable damage although I sort of wonder about why the new brunnera withered and died so promptly…


  2. I know what you mean about a dog that’s sometimes trying…

    We “inherited” my Pa-in-law’s dog when he moved from his house to an apartment. Butch is a nice dog, but he’s 70 lbs of a spoiled rotten couch potato. sigh

  3. @Krys – The fence was supposed to keep her leapin’ butt out of there! We are watching her like a hawk now. Withered & died… you might want to be hawk watching as well.

    @Nancy – I think Izzy is pushing 60 lbs… but 100% idiot at times… lovable, but idiotic. Garden potato is accurate for her.

    @megan – I tried the creative placement of my foot up her… just kidding. All I have to say is… IZZY! And she starts doing the Marley Mambo towards me… waggin and knowing that Mom & Dad isn’t going to get to eat jalapenos that aren’t tainted with Salmonella any time soon. She is a terd… at times.

  4. Abby cannot go in the garden. There is a fence and a gate and a lot of yelling “KENNEL ABBY” Sorry about the pepper.

  5. @deb – well Iz… she isn’t supposed to. That hasn’t stopped her. She got the Big Daddy yell yesterday… hopefully it sank in. We shall see.

  6. So sorry about your jalapeno! Our 80 lb GSD has decapitated a number of plants in our garden, usually while in pursuit of a squirrel that dared enter our yard. She’s usually very good in the veggie patch–except for she love the purple carrots and will dig them up and eat them if we don’t get to them first.

  7. OMG, when I first got my Border Collie, Conner, he ate everything in the garden. I don’t know how my purple sage survived. He tore huge limbs from it. We had so many “conversations” about tearing up my plants! EEEKK! Eventually he outgrew it. Did I mention when he wasn’t eating my plants, he was gnawing on my grandmother’s antique chairs??

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