Mikey’s Under The Knife

Whenever I picture a dog having surgery or something – even though I know who his vet is and all that… I still picture a German Shepherd doing the procedure… with some poodles playing the roles of nurses.  You know… like a little doggy surgery.

That would be cool.

Seriously though, Mikey is at the vet this morning and by noon he will no longer be a man… err… male.

Yup, get the big “snip” finally.  With Izzy now on this earth, we are just hoping we are acting fast enough – as last week Izzy was in heat.  The last thing we need/want is Labra-weiners.  That would be a tough sale.  Hell, that would be a tough give-away.

So this post is dedicated to Mikey Danger… the most manliest weiner dog ever… until today.  We had a semi-pro photo shoot last weekend… yeah right.  He just was so tired from chasin’ tail that I was finally able to snap a few pictures without him trying his best to eat the camera.

Mikey in the shade.

Mikey Sleepy

Mikey Chillin'

Ok… and one shot of Izzy – just because she will be sad without her friend today… she will be looking everywhere for him.

Izzy - regal.

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