Mikey’s Under The Knife

Whenever I picture a dog having surgery or something – even though I know who his vet is and all that… I still picture a German Shepherd doing the procedure… with some poodles playing the roles of nurses.  You know… like a little doggy surgery.

That would be cool.

Seriously though, Mikey is at the vet this morning and by noon he will no longer be a man… err… male.

Yup, get the big “snip” finally.  With Izzy now on this earth, we are just hoping we are acting fast enough – as last week Izzy was in heat.  The last thing we need/want is Labra-weiners.  That would be a tough sale.  Hell, that would be a tough give-away.

So this post is dedicated to Mikey Danger… the most manliest weiner dog ever… until today.  We had a semi-pro photo shoot last weekend… yeah right.  He just was so tired from chasin’ tail that I was finally able to snap a few pictures without him trying his best to eat the camera.

Mikey in the shade.

Mikey Sleepy

Mikey Chillin'

Ok… and one shot of Izzy – just because she will be sad without her friend today… she will be looking everywhere for him.

Izzy - regal.

10 thoughts on “Mikey’s Under The Knife”

  1. Those would be some weird looking puppies. Plus, you would need to worry about the little girl being able to have them. Spay and neuter, necessary evils.

  2. So how is Mikey doing after his err… alteration?
    My cat is still looking for his, and it’s been over a year. He walks around saying, “Excuse me, have you seen my b@!!$? I can’t find them anywhere!”

  3. @ Deb, yes some strange looking dogs. We found some pictures on the internet of them and they are not cute!

    @ Cathy, we love our Izzy. It took me awhile to get used to a big dog, but now I don’t know what we would do without her.

    @ Angie, Mikey is doing well. He had to stay overnight at the vet and we aren’t able to pick him up until after work, but they did call and let us know that he is up walking around and doing fine. We are all so ready to see him and most of all Izzy. She acts lost without him!

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