Rainy Days & Rainy Nights

One would think we were in Seattle.  I mean really.  It doesn’t rain like this here in West Texas.

It just doesn’t.

It actually has rained since late Friday I believe (we were out of town), and it hasn’t stopped really since.  Every day we get some sort of rain and the last two days have seemed like late fall or early winter.  I like it.

I think the plants are liking it too.  We haven’t asked them though.  Maybe today.

The dogs aren’t that into it.  Having to stay outside, even with the 20 ft. porch to lay under… it pisses them off.  Yesterday it hadn’t really rained a lot and so they were not as pissed.  I snuck up on them and they were sleeping out by the dog house.  Well Mikey was actually in the dog house (on his doggie porch) and Izzy was laying outside right in front – both sleeping. 

But of course when I got the camera to snap a picture that would make a mother cry…  I got this.

Mikey & Izzy chillin'.

I’m not suprised… really.  It happens all the time.  How’s the weather in “your neck of the woods”?

6 thoughts on “Rainy Days & Rainy Nights”

  1. Your garden will be so happy. There’s just something about a good honest rain you can’t get from water from a hose.
    Dogs are always waking up when you want to take an adorable picture of them all snuggly.

  2. @Megan – yeah the actual rain water is priceless. You hit it right on the head though – dogs seem to sense the camera or something. **shakes head**

  3. @deb – it won’t leave here, which is fine for now… but we are forcasted for another week it seems. Crazy. All our ditches are full! haha

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