The Squirrel Hunter: Izzy

This weekend Izzy was going crazy in the backyard with her “I’m chasing something or digging or doing something I am not supposed to be doing” type bark.  It is a cute little bark though.  More high-pictched… not the low “Imma whoop some ass” type she uses when someone is walking by or mowing or doing whatever.  Anyhow, I sneaked to the backdoor and was watching and she ran back and forth in the yard looking straight up.  It took me a minute to find out what was going on, but once I did – I realized we had a certified squirrel hunter on our hands.

There were a few squirrels running back and forth on the power lines and Izzy was doing her best to keep up with them.  She would eventually tire out and decide to watch them for a while from the most comfortable place in the backyard…

Izzy - Squirrel Hunting

We love that big ass ghost dog.  Really we do.

3 thoughts on “The Squirrel Hunter: Izzy”

  1. Awww!! What a terrific photo. I wish we had a squirrel hunter!! Oh, wait…that’s Dave with his rifle. I guess we do.

  2. @Heidi – We were very happy to snap that one, specially since usually when you see a dog doing something cute, they realize you want the pic and end up licking themself.

    @Megan – very considerate.

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