Well Hello… no really – it is us… again.

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I bet some of you thought we died.  Hell, perhaps no one even blogs about gardening & such anymore?  Perhaps they do.  A lot has changed since we last spoke.  Let’s do a quick rundown…

  1. We relocated to the Metroplex – Dallas/Fort Worth.
  2. We moved again just a bit of out of the Metroplex (but technically still in) – Decatur, TX.
  3. We have 2 acres now to play around with.
  4. Our original Danger Dog – Mikey passed away this year.  RIP.
  5. Our son is now 5 years old now.
  6. Shala is now a professional photographer!
  7. We are about to start raising chickens and a embark on a new gardening journey.
  8. I (James) got a Big Green Egg. (OMG)
  9. We can’t wait to share our new adventures with you all again.

So stay tuned, we will be posting regularly again.  Talking about bacon, BBQ, gardening,  backyard projects and recipes.  When we bought this piece of land and built our dreamhouse on it – Shala promised she would bake pies and put them in the window sill while I worked outside mending fences… so promise we will document that.  Our current project is a chicken coop – should be posting pics soon and letting everyone in on the progress.  Let us know if you are still around – hopefully we can cleanup this website a bit (it is full of spam and porn and cruft from laying around the last few years), maybe throw up a new design.  Stay classy internet – we are back.

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