A Post In Which I Ramble Like A Drunk…

Wednesday is spelled wrong in my opinion.  It has always bothered me.  I think it should be Winsday.  That is so much cooler.  Everyone. Wins. Day.

Still no word on our house just yet.  Still in limbo.  We were hoping to have an answer by end of the week – we already have been looking at some houses in preparation.  Well sorta.  We have been driving by and checking them out online.  Would be cool if we could transition into something else quickly. 

“It will all work out” – **smurk**

Our wonderful ghost dog has gotten into digging lately.  In a matter of a week she has made three sizeable holes in various places.  This morning as I walked past the back door, I see her hind quarters sticking up, but the rest of her has vanished.  She is part ghost… so that didn’t really phase me.  Because ghosts are see-thru.  Right?  I tapped on the glass to see if she would snap out of her semi-hollow state.  Sure enough.  She backed right out of that hole she had dug with a look like…

“Dad… I was working on my tunnel.  What do you need?  I have a quota to meet.”

I need you to quit diggin holes in our back yard.  Then I thought about the fact they are going to bulldoze the whole place and build a parking lot and I said…

“Eff it.  Dig holes.  Dig as many holes as you want.  Make an ellaborate tunnel system like some kind of mole-rat.  Just get it out of your system before we get to the new house.  Please.”

We really aren’t bitter at all.  Really.

Shala & I are doing a walk-a-thon for the American Diabetes Association this coming weekend.  It is 3 miles or something.  For some reason we just thought we were doing something good for a good cause and we forgot that we had to raise money as well.  So a day before we had to turn in our money we basically hit up everyone we knew (besides people on this blog) and scrounged up some cash.  We are bad at this asking for money thing.  Who would have thought.  Luckily a few people came through and we basically doubled that amount and so we made our quota.  So we get a shirt.  A 100 dollar shirt.  😉  It is for a good cause.  We will let you know how the walk goes next week.

32 days until our cruise.  With all the hurricanes beating up the Caribbean over the last month, we are hoping it calms down.  We are not so worried about being out on the ship with a hurricane looming.  It is more that every time one goes through that area the water gets stirred up, the islands get beat up and we want it to be nice when we go… not under construction and dirty.  You know what I’m saying?  We aren’t going to worry about it though.  Yeah right.

Ike did quite a bit of damage didn’t it?  Galveston is in shambles.  I was there about a year ago and it was my first time there.  Sad to think the same places I walked by are likely devastated.  It really is a cool place to visit for Texans, hope it can rebound fairly quick.

I hear all this talk of how bad things are going to get if/when a democrat gets elected into office.  Really?  We just watched one of the biggest banks go down.  AIG gets a HUGE bailout (holds pinky up to the side of my mouth like Dr. Evil).  Democrat or not, we are in for a bad stretch.

I think this has gone on long enough.  I need to get to work.  What is goin’ on in your brain?  Need to dump?  That is what comments are for.

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