Girls Weekend In San Angelo

Yeah you read it right, and this isn’t Mashala posting on James’ name – it is my guys.  I got looped into what was later deemed… “Girls Weekend” on Saturday.  My Mom, Anna & the girls were staying at a hotel in San Angelo and so Shala & I drove down to visit them, since they were so close.  Little did I know I was the only male attending this meeting of the feminine minds – and I was in for a long day of girly stuff.

First off, it was great to see everyone.  I was happy that we were able to hop down there and hop back – the dogs didn’t have to be kenneled, so that is always good.  The girls seemed happy to see us, I think we kind of surprised them – well at least they didn’t know when they headed down, but they found out later that we were coming.

After we arrived is when I found out this was a girls’ weekend – meaning shopping was the main focus of it all.  I did not sign up for this did I??!?  Shala was on board, she was all about it.  A reason to shop?  Sign her up.  So after eating we headed to the movies, since we were going to watch Horton Hears A Who (or Homer Gives A Hoot – if you are on the inside joke lane) – so we could get our tickets before it sold out.  Then it was off to the shopping part of the tour.

I act like I didn’t do anything but mope around and in fact I bought a few things to – so call me girly if you must.  Honestly it was just cool to run around the stores and play with things we weren’t supposed to.  Munchie, Shala & I have this obsession with touching everything we come up to.  Feeling the fabric, letting the humidifier mist hit us in the face…. whatever it is… WE MUST TOUCH.  Sammie and I would walk around ROSS and talk to each other about how ghetto the store really was and that we were surprised at what people would buy just because it had a sticker that said… ON SALE.  We are grown-up like that.  Overall we had a great time.

Movie time showed fast – and so we headed that way and got our snacks and goodies for the show.  The movie itself was good, Shala & I are big Dr. Seuss fans and it did have that feel to it obviously.  Jim Carrey was good, same with Steve Carrel.  It wasn’t as funny as we expected – but still a good flick for the most part.  Dr. Seuss rules the school, you didn’t know that?

After we left the movie…  you guessed it, on to some more shopping.  At this point my mind had gone to a place I can’t remember… I just walked around poking at things and feeling of fabric while people talked around me.  I would pick a kid up, spin around and then poke a bean bag chair, hug a child – then smell of a candle.  It was all so girly.  I felt borderline fairy… but it was all worth it to see those girls.  I will go through 4 hours of shopping if it means we can visit the girls for a while.  Sometimes you just have to embrace your inner fairy and buy some shoes – haha.

SO I did… got me a new pair of shoes and a tie I couldn’t live without (see I’m sounding a bit fairy at the moment still).  Shala grabbed her a pair of shoes and I think we got some more crap – can’t remember though. 

Around 6 or so, we decided we had better head back so that our dogs didn’t eat their way in to the house before we got back.  We said our good bye(s) and started our way home.  We had a fun time – dumb thing, we didn’t take any pictures… but really – how many pictures do you need of us walking around Linen & Things and Kirklands?  Exactly, plus I don’t think we need proof of me doing things like that, right?  I mean, that’s 50th birthday in the paper type of shite isn’t it?  We don’t need anything like that.  I can just read the caption below… “Having a girls weekend…”

We had fun – was good to see everyone, I kid around, but I mean it. 

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  1. Why the heck are you raggin on ROSS?! Where else can you buy 3 shirts for under $25 that will last you an entire 3 months before the threading comes out… I’m a bit offended.

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