Today… WE WIN.

The title is inspired by a positive attitude.

Today is the day that “the people” come and look at our house to see if the price we want is suitable.  Considering they are going to promptly come and bulldoze the whole she-bang… it all seems like a funny situation.

We have been stressing about it, dunno why really – but you know how it goes.  We have been cleaning like no other, stashing the meth lab starter kit, burying all the stale bodies and dressing up the purchased child labor.  You know, the usual. 

Just kidding, there are no bodies or meth labs.

Those are loooooooooong gone.

We have been on a crazy schedule though, running around cleaning, mowing, moping, sweeping (in the opposite order of course), polishing and what not.  Not the fun we are accustomed to, needless to say. 

However this morning, after all the craziness was over…

We both looked around and agreed it was awesome.  We would buy it.  We would tear it down.  For sure.  Sign us up.  Bring in the bobcat.  Let’s get this thing started.

I kid, I kid.  But really it is kinda sad to clean something so thoroughly and see it in all its glory… then realize your doing it in order for its death.  It is sorta like cleaning up the body for an open casket.  Today is the viewing… buy your tickets early, they go up if you buy them at the door.

Winning is the only option… today we win.  Who’s with us!?!?!

8 thoughts on “Today… WE WIN.”

  1. @ghost – thanks for the backing. I wonder…

    If a Christian school wants to tear down your house and build a parking lot… who’s side is Jesus on?

    WWJD? Build a parking lot? **shrugs**

  2. It does seem kinda funny to be doing all of the prepping & preening on something that’s just going to be dozed. But Lord knows I’m finicky about my home’s appearance so I’d do it too!

    Make sure you wipe those kids’ noses – nothing worse than child laborers with snotty shnozzes! Give ’em some sticky PB&J sammiches and they won’t be able to squeal to your visitors about the horrid working conditions. I kid! I kid!

    Best of luck to you on this WINS DAY!

  3. It’s a shame. If they’re bulldozing the house, you should be able to say fuck the dust behind the TV. We’ll just throw away this house and get a new one.

  4. @Megan – it is a shame because it isn’t like this is a delapidated (spelling?) house or something. This is probably the nicest house on the block. Totally redone. But… what can you do. I don’t want to be one of those hippies chained to the tree. Or do I?


  5. It would be something to see you chained to a tree holding a sign that says “Hell No, We Won’t Go!” That would be a priceless photo to take. As crazy as I am, I may even be chained to the tree with you. Whatever to make it work.

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