Under Paid, Over Booked

Thats how we live these days.

Trying to put everything together for the next two months is where we are breaking down at the moment.  We are SUPER over-booked at the moment.  Never did we think we would be selling one house, moving into another, going on a cruise, flying to New Orleans to train a huge customer at my work, flying in for a big game in DFW, remodelling a few things at the new house, celebrating Thanksgiving and my birthday even before that (next week actually)… in a 2 month timeframe.  Oh and just working in between it all, packing in between all that.

No biggie right?  Life isn’t fair.  Life isn’t easy.  Life is exciting and wonderous at times.  This is one of those times.

Where’s The Tape & That Lovely Smell Of Cardboard.

Moving sucks.  Like Hoover-style.  It is probably one of our most hated things.  Apartments made us hate it so bad, I’m sure of it.  What sucks even more is we pulled all our cards last move, since we didn’t expect to have to move for a while.  So this one we will be trying to do mostly on our own, minus the big stuff.  Did we mention we acquired a piano since the last time?  Yeah.  So even more fun.  We are running out of friends.  haha  Anyone hanging out in the Midland area that would love to move a piano… say… around the end of November?!?  Want to be our friends?  We love you.  We know we would.  Seriously.  Let’s be friends. 

Time Is Money – We Are Broke.

So we close on our new house and we will have about 2 & a half weeks to get the new house the way we want it before we will move in.  The problem is, we already booked a flight to go see a football game with friends & family and its one of those things that pretty much as been hyped up for so long… it has to be done.  I know, stupid… still… shut up.  So one weekend is gone.  I think we can get the walls textured & painted during the weekdays after work (and late into the night), but one weekend will have to be spent putting up a new fence.  So that leaves the last weekend of November for moving.  Fun.  Did we mention we need more friends?  Know how to texture?  Dig post holes?  We love you.  We want to be your friend.  Seriously.  Let’s hang out.  We will supply the beers.

Cruising Through Life, One Island At A Time.

When we booked this cruise it was a great idea at a great time.  Now it seems as if it landed in the middle of a shit storm.  We can’t decide if it has come at the perfect time, or at the worst time… but regardless, its coming.  We need it… it might not be the best timing in the world… but we do need it.  Bad.  So the 19th of this month we will fly to Ft. Lauderdale and stay at Tropic Rock for a night before heading to the Port of Miami to leave for our cruise.  We are doing Carnival… because we like to party?  or something.  We will visit the Bahamas (couple stops) and Turks & Caicos.  This is our first cruise so we could LOVE it… or we could possible throw up the whole time.  Who knows.  Who cares.  Rather throw up in paradise… then not throw up at home.  Does that make sense?  Probably not.

Living To Work At The Moment.  We Know It Is Backwards.

I know the saying that you shouldn’t live to work, but work to live… but sometimes it gets your ass, and you don’t have a choice.  This is one of those times where it doesn’t matter, you just gotta get it done.  At my work we have been working to get our newest and biggest customer live.  This means setting up over 40 computers, their live & offline versions of their websites and also to cap it all off it will mean flying to New Orleans and training them on the system.  Did I mention it is next week?  Yeah.  So throw that right in the middle of everything else.  We didn’t have enough going on… might as well put a cherry on top.  Actually this would be more like one of the bananas on the bottom… since we have the caramel, choco syrup and nuts still to go.  The cherry might be Christmas.  **face palm**

Happy Birthday To Me… Happy Birthday To Me.

That was me singing.  I think.  I turn 29 in about a week.  Fun fun.  Right in the middle of everything else.  Thank God it isn’t thirty or something.  It is on a Friday too.  Freakin’ Friday birthday.  Can we say… DRUNK?  Yup.  I can.  I haven’t had a birthday during the weekend in a LOOOOOOOONG time… it should be cool.  Hope so.  Yeah right, I will probably be asleep at 10:30 after watching the weather channel for an hour.  I will be in New Orleans 2 days before my birthday… celebrating early with my boss a little.  Won’t be the same though.  Would much rather be at home with Shala doing something together.  That is called love.  Capital L-o-v-e.  😉

Are You Ready For The Holidays?  Oh, You Know We Are.  **crooked smile**

Isn’t it crazy we are almost in the thick of the holidays again.  Freakin’ Christmas trees.  Turkeys.  **shakes head**  I can’t believe it.  I think I am going to boycott them this year.  All of them.  Presents, trees, lights, turkeys, stuffing… all of it.  Unless its made of chocolate or sings songs… then I might not boycott it.  The holidays makes families crazy.  Ours isn’t any different.  I’m not looking forward to it.  Not after the two months that will precede it.  No thanks.  We might be the crazy ones this time though…  “what do you want for christmas?”  FOR YOU TO LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE SANTA!  And screw your lil elves too.  I never liked their pointy ears anyway.  It is just weird.

I read something the other day that said something to the effect that you should apologize that you haven’t blogged in a while.  Your readers understand and just move on to other blogs during your hiatus.  Good.  I hope that is the case.  I promise we still garden, we still BBQ (sometimes) and we do miss you crazy people that read us from time to time.  We will be back, just think of the fodder we will have with the new house and doing it all again from scratch.  Think of all the things you will learn at our expense (literally $$).  Think of all the crap we will fix, document and inspire you to do the same.  Or inspire you to do the exact opposite.  Think of all the awesome pics we will take on our cruise.  The pics of the new house, the stories of the world coming down… and us crawling out from under the rubble and screaming obscenities the entire time.

Who knew Q4 would be so crazy.  Especially after Q1,Q2 & Q3.  C’est la vie eh?  We would love to hear from you though, let us hear your horror, your good times, your projects, your strageties and travels… we love to hear it all just as much as you love to hear ours.

7 thoughts on “Under Paid, Over Booked”

  1. happy birthday, my brother.

    you do indeed have a full couple of months. dude, i’d totally help you move that piano if i lived anywhere near you.

  2. Wow, too much going on. I wanted to thank you for your post about your brother. I’ve been wondering what to say about a recent death, and your post gives me courage to say something, at least.

    Good luck with everything, and I sure hope you enjoy that cruise.

  3. You sound just like me…’cept I’ll be 30 in March. What’s wrong with 30?? Oh yeah, it’s old age. Blech. Hope your last “youthful” birthday’s a good one!

  4. btw. etip is down for now. i moved the page to…


    accidentally left it on screen one day last week while i was in the hall between classes and when i came in, the worng kind of student was reading. by the end of the next day, it was spreading around the school like wild fire.


  5. @themanicgardener – you are very welcome for the post. I thought of it more as being for me, but more and more people have told me it helped them… so you are very welcome.

    @Amy – 30 ain’t no biggie… especially if your only turning 29 this year haha. Next year it might be a totally ‘nother story.

    @deb – the cruise will definitely make up for it. 🙂

    @ghost – yikes. Ok then, I will update the link. Hope it simmers down.

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