Holy Oleander!

We left this oleander at our old house and I was kind of sad to leave it.  Even though it was on the side of the house and really no one ever saw it but us, I liked it.  I liked it’s pink blooms and how it stayed alive when we failed to water it the entire winter.  We even discussed digging it up but honestly we were lucky just to get all of our crap out of that house.

Pink Oleander

After we had already bought the house we went for our last look before move in and that is when I noticed this monster in the backyard.  When we looked at the house we did go back there but so many things were running through my head that I didn’t even notice or care what it was.  Look at this thing!!

Huge Oleander

That is our back fence that is around oh 6 foot tall and that oleander is taller.  It hasn’t bloomed yet so I’m not sure what color it is, but I love it already.  I like that they are evergreen and add a little life to our otherwise very brown yard.  It’s in need of a trimming but that will get done eventually.  I’m just so glad that it’s there and it makes leaving that little oleander behind a little easier.

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