Potting Our Tomatoes Up The First Time This Year

We vowed not to get behind early this year.  If there is anything worse than getting behind – it is getting behind so early in the year.  Last year we started late, and like in most cases – time is something you cannot make up for.  You can always fertilize more (organically of course!), or maybe keep some lights on them a lil longer – but when it is all said and done, it will all come back to you haunt you.

We did “OK” with peppers last year, late tomatoes… eggplant… okra was perfect.  But anything early in the season – a BIG FAT FAIL.

No early peppers, no early tomatoes… hell our tomatoes seemed to be mediocre for 80% of the growing season last year and if it wasn’t for the mild temps for most of Fall – we would have been near to SHUT OUT on tomatoes. 

But this year we weren’t going to let it happen.  We started the end of Jan.  Built us a brand new grow shelf – and now we are reaping the benefits of the time we invested so early.  Hopefully we will have LOTS of plants this year to share with friends and family (we hoped to do that last year and it was a flop).

All that to say this…

We spent our Valentine’s Day getting our first batch of tomatoes potted up for the first time this early growing season. 

How ya like that internets? CHECK ‘EM OUT!

When Do I Pot Up Tomatoes?

How are you seedlings doing?  Have you potted up for the first time yet? 

Lots of people are wondering…

When Do We Pot Up Tomatoes For The First Time?

Let’s help ’em out.  Got any tips on potting up… do share.

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