Winter or Spring?

I’m so confused.  Here it is January 19 and the weather we have been having is more spring weather than winter.  It was in the 70s the past two days and is supposed to be for the rest of the week, on Thursday even getting up to 76!  People in other parts of the country are dealing with snow and ice and we are getting outside enjoying the nice weather.

We have a nice large sun-room that has been housing all of our potted plants for the winter and on Saturday I moved them all outside.  They have been a little neglected, ok a lot neglected, since we moved so it was time for a lot of trimming and pampering.  After I got them all moved outside (which was no easy task) they all received some water mixed with liquid seaweed to give them a little boost.  After one day of being in the sun they all looked so much better.  It’s hard to believe that we still have months of waiting before we can move them outside permanently.

Getting to be outside with the plants for a bit really got us into gardening mode again.  Our new backyard needs A LOT of work, I mean a lot, so we are leaning toward a container garden this year.   We have one whiskey barrel and are thinking of grabbing a couple more of those to house some of the veggies.  We also like the look of these raised beds and will probably end up with some of those along with the barrels.  We like to plant a lot so we will need a lot of room!  I think that gardening this way this year will be easier for us.  It will be easier to maintain as far as weeding and watering, giving us some time to work on the rest of the yard and get a nice garden area set up for next year.

I’m soo ready for spring.  I used to love the winter time, but now I can’t wait for some nice gardening weather.   We seem to feel so much better when we can get outside and do some work in the yard.

Anybody planting something new this year?  We need some variety!

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