Crops in the Ground

Yesterday we spent some time out in the garden and FINALLY got some veggies in the ground.  I put some work in the day before making the rows (well most of them) and I finished up a few yesterday – so we decided to go ahead and put the asparagus & onions in the ground.  I think we might have jumped the gun on the asparagus, but hopefully not.

We did learn that asparagus will not produce for about 2 years.  Our friend Kendra told us this a while back – and we were like… REALLY!?!  NUH UH.  Then when we were planting yesterday and read it, it smacks you in the face like a cold fish… we have committed to something that will take a year to prosper… what the hell were we thinking?!?

There are vacations planned.  We have dogs for heaven’s sake… how will they survive that?  Droughts, floods… disease.

I am looking to get the garden insured.  So I can sleep at night. 😉

Looking at the peppers and such growing in their pots, it’s hard to not want to wish they were in the ground already.  However, that would mean we were wishing days away… and that isn’t ever a good thing.  So we wait.  Hoping the last freeze will come sooner than later, hoping the weather can stay as consistent as possible for West Texas.  Hoping we get some rain so we can save some water. 🙂

All the plants look good though, we fought a bout of aphids on the lime tree (I know I sound like an old lady… “Damn YOU APHIDS!!!  **Shakes Fist**) – murdered those fools though.  There, that brought me back from old lady land.  Gangster gardening at its best.  Found out if you have a problem with aphids, you take a soap & water mixture and spray those bad boys.  This suffocates them and they die pretty quick.  Also learned that if you have an aphid problem your real problem is ants… treat the ant problem and your aphid problem will be no more.  Pretty smart eh?

it isn’t me being smart… ’tis the internet with all the knowledge.  I just work here.

Speaking of the lime tree, we did see about 10 limes that are starting… exciting to know we will be able to just pick and grin.  Squeeze a few off in my brewski – fresh and limey… mm MM mmm.  Come on Summer, we miss you.

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