Fattracking Friday (2/22/2008): James

Another week on the books – and I can say they get tougher and tougher, but staying on track makes it all worth it come Fridays.  I used to dread Fridays – well just the weigh-in portion, not the fact that the work week has come to the end and rest is in the near future.  Now I look at it as a close to a hard week of sticking to the script.

This week I am still fighting off this sickness I came across last week and so I stayed off the treadmill the entire week – since breathing is hard enough as it is.  I stuck to my eating habits, besides one small hiccup about midweek – that Chili’s bacon burger was calling my name while I slept.  I had to face it and get it behind me.  What I have learned is that doing that makes the next day easier and actually I am not as happy as I thought I would be after taking part in the food frenzy.  Oh well – it was quite tasty at the moment.

So whats the damage this week?  The scales don’t lie.

I am at 211 flat this morning.

This is a huge thing for me – I honestly can’t remember the last time I weighed this much.  At least 6-7 years ago.  Next week though, 210 is the goal – attainable and will be a secondary goal for me that I have been working for a long time.  Then I am going to skip 205 as a goal and full steam ahead to that 200 mark.  Beyond that – I’m worried more about  fitness than weight.  I want to be sure I can run a mile, do 100 pushups, situps and not be laying around like someone ripped one of my lungs out.  Good day.

A few weightloss facts:  total weightloss to date is 29 lbs, total % of weightloss is 12%

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