Fat Tracking Friday: Biggest Loser Edition

The finale of The Biggest Loser was this week and if it wasn’t inspiring… I don’t know what is.  We watched it while we ate ice cream I think.  It was fun.  **shakes head**

This week was hard for me.  It has gotten that way lately, seems like each week is harder.  So the other day I came up with a solution.  A week off.  Next week I will be taking a week off from fat tracking and then follow back up the next week.  I need a break, I need to re-focus my goals and vision for the way I want things to be in the future.

Your thinking…

“dude… you just want to eat a snowcone.”

No… I don’t eat snowcones.  Actually one time I did get a snowcone and it turned out that there was some kind of scavenger hunt (Shala can tell you about it) and so they took my picture and it scarred me for life.  Here I was sitting there with a fruity ass looking snowcone and pissed off because a random person was taking my picture.  Wasn’t funny.

I digress.

I just need a break.  Yes I want to eat, but am not about to gain back 10 lbs and eat nonsense every single meal.  I just need a freakin’ break.  Get OFF MY BACK ALREADY!  haha

Let us get it out of the way…

This week I gained 1.6 lbs.

I’m not happy about it, but last night we ate out with my parents and normally I would keep it cool the night before, but what the hell right.  So you get me gainin’ some weight.  I’m ok – I will be fine.  I’m sure it is sodium making me retain water like a prego chick. 

So that puts me back at 207.8 lbs  which sucks, but still… I weighed 230+ lbs 4 months ago, I am still happy.

This next week is a vacation week for me, so I apologize that you will not get to hear my rants and raves about weightloss.  You will live.

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