Fat Tracking Friday: James Edition (3/28/2008)

Bought some new clothes yesterday, and when I went to try on the pants I was back in a 34 and it wasn’t tight or anything.  Now I know for you skinny boys out there it might not mean much, but for us fatties… it does.  I always worn my pants just a bit baggy (to say the least) and so I know some of my pants were 38’s, since that gave them enough sag to make me a bit more gangster-ish.  Makes me feel safe.  haha

Anyhow, I think I could have wore 32’s, but it would have looked like I was… well you know the addage.  So down some pant sizes which is always good and I’m wearing Large shirts again.  Another thing that probably sounds dumb to skinny people – but for me it is positive.  I definitely was wearing XL for a while pretty solid… so its an achievement to me.

This week was a tough one again.  Worked really hard to shed the weight I gained over the Easter loooooooong weekend.  I will be honest, Monday morning I weighed 213.4.  I was up about 5 lbs from when I weighed on Friday morning.  I was scared that I had really binged to much over the weekend (obviously), and I wouldn’t be able to make it back.  And let me tell you, it is hard to think you have to tell the entire internet that you are fatter.  It just is.

So lets get to it…

207.8 lbs

I lost .6 lbs this week.  I know it doesn’t seem like much but I’m have been consistent and this keeps it there within consistency range.  To make it back from 213, that was gangster… like my pants.

Here’s to another week down, and one step closer to 205.

2 thoughts on “Fat Tracking Friday: James Edition (3/28/2008)”

  1. Hate being fat enough to fix the problem. Start slow, stay consistent throughout. Don’t expect to lose in a month what took you 10 years to pile on.

    Quit eating bullsh!t all the time. Sometimes, but not all the time.

    And thank you.

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