Fat Tracking Friday: James Edition (4/4/2008)

April showers bring may flowers, or so they say.  I hope it brings me some weightloss this year.  I can’t believe I haven’t reached my 205 goal yet, but then again – I can.  This little thing called working out and this other little thing called eating right seem to be holding me back.


I didn’t work out not once this week, so whatever the scales give me… I am ready for it.  I did eat ok – don’t think I ate a french fry this week or any form of chip.  That is a big move for me, since that is usually the lifeblood.  I am sure this weekend I will eat a few.  😉

I fasted for the first time this  week and it wasn’t that bad after all.  I think at least once a month I will do that just to keep my mind right and my body cleansed.  Whatever that means.

So lets get this thing over with…

207.8 lbs

I know what your thinking… wait, that is what you had last week – and you are right.  I’m as pissed, if not more pissed than you.  I saw that number on the scale this morning and thought… DAMN IT.  So after a week’s worth of work, I am left with nothing to show for it. 

I will not dwell though.  I have still lost over 32 lbs total and that is great.  I will stick with it, 205 will be mine soon.  Soon enough.

1 thought on “Fat Tracking Friday: James Edition (4/4/2008)”

  1. Platue!!! Been there done that..I am at that point too..gotta get to working out that is my only hope.

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