Fat Tracking “Good” Friday: James Edition

Was updating a user in our system yesterday and while doing so I had to update the password and when I got to that part I stopped a froze.  The password was…


**shakes head**

There is no way this person knew me but still it made me laugh a minute and funny enough it gave me enough strength to get a bit motivated again.  Fat James huh… ok.  Part of me wanted to call the lady up and say…

“Hey random lady… YOUR FAT!”

I know, so third grade, but so what I wanted to do.  I restrained myself though and found comfort in the fact that I was closer to being “skinnyjames” than “fatjames”.  However, no one was using the first of the two as a password.  Just “fatjames”.  Has a nice ring to it doesn’t it?  I like “skinnyjames” quite a bit better though.

This week I channeled some inner kick-ass and decided I didn’t want to faulter again.  I got on the treadmill once… its a start OK!  I ate a ton better than weeks before.  Last weekend I tried to eat myself into a coma, so I had to do a ton of work to get going once the week started.  It seemed to payoff though.

My weight this week…

208.4 lbs

For some reason (maybe because I gained 1.2 lbs) I didn’t update the fat tracker or actually spit out the weight (just the weightloss) from last week.  So if you didn’t know I was at 210.6 lbs.  So technically I lost 2.2 lbs, but we all know that I had been down to 209.6 lbs the week before that – so really I am down a pound from my lowest weight.

I can say that I haven’t been this weight in years.  205 is soooo close I can taste it.  Wait, different analogy…  it is so close I can smell it.  😉

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