Fattracking Friday (2/29/2008): James

I am broadcasting my fat today… the day made available by our seldom seen friend – the leap year.  Nice to see you again Feb. 29th, its been a while.  Glad that I can post my weight on such a rare day in time.

Enough with the antics eh?  On with the fatness.

This week started off kind of bad.  The weekend bled over into Monday – where we decided to hit up Clear Spring Cafe and eat anything fried that has ever been created.  Onion rings, catfish, hushpuppies, shimp, fries… you name it.  So immediately afterwards (ok… maybe it was the next day) we decided enough was enough and went to the store and loaded up on good things to eat.  Let me rephrase that… good “for you” things to eat. 😉

So with the rough start, was wondering how this week would really turn out.  I had a goal to get down to 210 this week, which would put me at the 30 lbs. mark (which is huge for me) and also meet one of my target weights.  However, eating fried catfish/shrimp, hushpuppies, fries & onion rings isn’t the best way to go about it.  Still, if you think about it – back in the day that was an everyday thing.  Fries tended to be my only side item.

“Would you like fries with that?”

“Of course, is there any other side?”

In fact, double fries was my normal side at restaurants – sad I know.  Very true though.  Salad?  No thanks, just give me double fries.  And some of that Texas toast please.  Enough to cause anyone to have a carb-attack at best.  Not me, that was Tuesday… just another day of the week.

After Monday though, we got back on track and started eating bullsh*t again.  That is what we like to call it.  Since that is what it is.  What are we eating tonight? BS.  Yum.  Whatever fills the void and allows me to go to sleep wake up and not remember the fact that I hated myself all night because I wanted a freakin’ Southern Smokehouse Bacon Cheeseburger from Chili’s (since I have seen the ads online and on commercials EVERYDAY for the past month).  Instead I ate a bowl of cheerios and a slice of whole wheat toast w/ I can’t believe its not butter.  I hate settling.

I say I hate settling, I hate it until I get on the scale on Friday morning and look at my weight and notice that number is lower than it has been in 6 years.  Then I think settling is just a nice word for kickin’ butt.

So that number for this week?

209.8 lbs

I can’t believe it.  All this work has been worth it – just to see a number that is finally under 210.  Today… I hit 30 lbs.  If I could drink beer at work – I would slam one for breakfast.  I bet it would put me back over 210, but what the hay. 😉

Next goal?

My next sub-goal is 205, but honestly… I am looking past that to 200 lbs.  I remember telling Shala a long time ago, when I first started this…

“If I would just get down to 210, I think I would be happy.”

I am happy, however not content.  I think 200 is very reachable and on top of that, I am thinking 190 is more what I want to end at.  From there I would like to keep it between 185 & 195 from here on out.  Like I have always said, I want to be healthy and still be able to live my life.  BBQ’s are still going to happen.  Beers are still going to be drank.  If I have to work out 3 days a week – that is fine, so long as I keep my weight down and I’m happy.

The stats: This week I lost 1.2 lbs.  Since I started 30.2 lbs.  Which is 13% of my original weight lost. 

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  1. CONgrats! I know how awesome it feels looking at that scale and seeing the number get smaller and smaller. And it shows on both you and Mashala!

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