Fighting The Fight: Fattracking Friday (1-25-08)

Sometimes I feel like I’m a boxer.  I walk by a mirror and throw a few blows… duck, bob… weave, makes me feel alive or dangerous.  I guess it is the fighter in every male.  The want to engage… and finish your opponent.

Never really got the chance to fight much growing up.  I mean, most of the time – due to my family (big brother, cousins) I didn’t have to do much at all.  They were so dominant that most of the kids knew who they were – and just left me alone.  So I was a bada$$ by association I suppose.

Not that it was bad, most kids have to deal with bullies – take their lumps and grow.  Myself… most of the time it was ended by a cousin, big brother or whomever placing their hand on my shoulder and saying…

“What’s going on JJ?”

“This dude messin’ with you?”

You can picture a kid 4 year younger slowing looking up towards the sky where this omniscient figure is towering over them physically and socially.  Kids backoff and tend to settle the problem amongst themselves. 

I never realized how 9 times out of 10 I did not ever have to fight.  Never had to throw a punch.  Never had to deal with consequences.  So all that teenage rage never got a chance to really release.

Now as I walk around, I think…

“What are you looking at?”

“Can I help you?”

Mentally provoking everyone in my path.  I have never had to really act on anything.  In fact, I’m probably that same little kid looking around for someone bigger and badder to get my back. 

So as I have walked past the mirror in the past few days – an old guy I used to know is staring back.  A bit more in shape, younger looking – overall better.  I throw a few jabs and tilt my head back showing my dominance.  The guy in the mirror laughs and gives me the ole… “Pfffffft”.   He knows me better than I know myself.

Weighed in today.  Always do on Friday – the final weigh-in for the week.  Was worried this week for some reason, but little did I know that I would finally pass that goal of mine.  The one that has been haunting me for the past 2 years.

217 lbs.

I have made it to that weight before, a few times actually – still yet to pass it.   Last week though, I weighed in at 217 and I was hoping that this week I would finally go under it. 


214.8 lbs

I lost 3 lbs this week.  And the grand total is now at 25.2 lbs. 

And who said I can’t fight.


5 thoughts on “Fighting The Fight: Fattracking Friday (1-25-08)”

  1. I’m so proud of you!! We are actually making life style changes this time and its really showing. You’ve done an awesome job and this will lead to living longer and happier lives. 🙂 I love you

  2. Well congrats my brother. I’m not gonna get all mushy on you, but i’m proud of you too. Glad to see you are taking the bull by the horns.

    As to the fighting thing – I always had the big brother thing going on too – And most kids knew my brother and knew not to mess with a Tipton -BUT i have to say, i had my fair share of fights, and some specifically because my brother was who he was… A short story: When I was in 7th grade this dude (BIG DUDE) always was picking on me (I was SMALL) and (long story short) – ends up this guy was in 7th grade when my bro was in 7th grade – (keep in mind, my brother is 3 school years ahead of me) and had whooped this kid up and down the patio, multiple times – anyways, he finds out i’m the little brother and decides to take it out on me…

    I ended up whooping the guy, even though he’s 3 times my size, because when he started chasing me, i dropped down, he trips over me (too big and too slow to stop himself) and i jump up and utilize my soccer kicking skills on his face.

    … such fond memories… after saying all that, i know most the time my brother was fighting in place of me, but still, I had probably more than my fair share of fights…

    I’m just glad i’ve got friends and family who still have my back – and I got yours.

  3. Thanks Patty >> you lurker.

    And thanks for having my back Tim, reason I blogged this is there is this 300 lbs 6 foot 5 guy that has been following us around the past two days… haha j/k

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