Jack In The Box In Midland TX

Jack in the box in Midland TXWith all the Wienerschnitzel talk after we had our adventure there… had to shift to the fact that Midland just got a new Jack In The Box that opened yesterday (Monday, March 10th 2008).  Everyone is asking…


See below for a map of where the new Jack In The Box In Midland Texas is located.

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If you are familar with the area, then it is in the shopping center where Buffalo Wild Wings is off of Wadley.  You can’t miss it, or the line to get in there.

I wish I was joking, but this area (Permian Basin) is prone to clinging onto new food joints (even though it might seem funny to you folks in other areas) like no other.  If you read our post about the new Wienerschnitzel in Odessa, you would understand what we are talking about.  If you haven’t read it… your not being cool – be cool.  Read it already.

We are planning on hitting up Jack in the box here in Midland soon, maybe we can have an adventure like the Wienerschnitzel one?  I could do without the 2 hour wait though… but I love me some Jack, and it is about time we were graced with his presence.

If you are from Midland and have already eaten there and have stories – let us know.  Do the same with Wienerschnitzel in Odessa, leave your experiences on that post as well… click here to view it.  I heard they ran out of wienies the other night… not good.

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