Makin’ Me Sick

If you have been lucky enough to avoid the flu this year… I hate you.  Only kidding, I don’t hate you… just wish I was as lucky as you.  I have fought two bouts of the sickness this winter, along with a long running ear ache that was almost the death of me.  I’m tired of being sick, tired of snifflin’… tired of taking baths because my body hurts… I’m just tired.

This flu stuff I have now (but hopefully am getting over soon) has been quick and pretty hardcore.  I was fighting it on Friday, then Saturday it took a commanding lead and decided that I should spend my weekend in bed, or in the bathtub or anywhere else I would rather not be on my day off.  I stayed in a doped-up-stuper all weekend, a steady amount of Nyquil, Mucinex, Advil & Sudafed to keep the demons at bay.

It seemed to work for the most part, curved the sickness quick – but now its dragging on a few days with congestion and coughing up some nonsense from time to time.  Man… I’m just ready for this crap to leave my body and go and bother some other poor sap.

Who’s got dibs?

I’m filing this one under “health” for lack of a better name… we don’t have a category for “poor health”.

2 thoughts on “Makin’ Me Sick”

  1. Well I can take the blame for this one. I was fighting my cold like no other. I shouldn’t have came into the office when it was at its worse. Sorry dude

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