Running For My Life

I wanted to tell everyone all about what a great investment our new treadmill has been, but before I tell all the good parts I have to tell how this treadmill was obviously meant to be just for us!  At least that is how I like to spin the story.

This definitely wasn’t an impulse buy on our part and for a week before we decided on a treadmill we talked about them and researched them online.  We found one on QVC and one on HSN that we both liked.  I have never ordered from either one of these sites and didn’t really know the ropes.  Somehow I got it in my head that the QVC one was the one that we really wanted and the day after our discussion about it I went online to buy it.  QVC only offers flex pay on certain items for a certain amount of time and we had missed our flex pay period.  Not being able to pay the full amount right away we decided just to wait.  About a week later I had a dream that the treadmill had gone back on flex pay. 

Yes, I dream about treadmills and yes I just admitted that on a public blog.  I HAVE NO SHAME!

Anyhow, after my dream I just had to go check it out and there it was, back on flex pay.  I thought that it was odd because the first time I saw it on flex pay it had 5 payments and now it only had 4 payments, but 4 was better that 1 big payment so I ordered it.

We waited for 4 weeks for the treadmill to come and at least once a week I went on QVC to see the status of our order and obviously had to look at the treadmill.  Well, it came in last Wednesday and I met the guys at our house for them to deliver and set it up.  I took a quick look at it before I left and noticed that the IPOD dock and the memory card slot were missing, but there was a box of stuff that need to still be assembled so I didn’t think anything of it.

James went home for lunch and got the stuff out of the box and still no IPOD dock or the rest of the stuff that was missing.  So I went online and started looking and you guessed it, I ORDERED THE WRONG TREADMILL! 

Honestly, I am a pretty smart person and I can’t believe that I did this.  The treadmill that we bought is still nice, it just doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that the other one had.  It is cheaper so I guess that is the good side to the whole situation.  I did seriously think about sending it back, but that would just be more hassle than it was worth.

The treadmill has definitely done its job, whether it was the right one or not.  I have been on it everyday since we got it.  As I said before I am doing the Couch to 5k plan, but that is only every other day, so on my days off I am walking 20 to 30 minutes just to get some sort of cardio in. 

I woke up this morning feeling better than I have felt in awhile.  I feel well rested and refreshed.  With the job that I have I’m sitting at a computer all day long and before wasn’t really getting any exercise.  My mind was so tired but my body never really was and even the little bit of exercise that I am getting is helping so much. 

After I get off of the treadmill I feel less stressed and more energized.  I’m sure that it is helping with my moods and I’m sure that James is very happy with our investment for that reason alone!

5 thoughts on “Running For My Life”

  1. I got my treadmill a couple of years ago and I’m still loving it. I always feel much better after a good run. I use mine more during the winter because I run outside when it’s warm. If I could just convince Benny that running really is fun. I think it’s great you and James do the exercise/diet thing together.

  2. Mari, its good to hear that after a couple of years you are still using your treadmill, we’ve all heard the stories of them becoming clothes hangers. haha It makes it so much easier to have a partner while doing this, I don’t think that I could do it alone. James even wanted to buy two treadmills so that we could run at the same time. lol We will look into that when we are rich and have a workout room.

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