7 Things That You Will Probably Forget Anyhow

We got tagged.  Tagged like a railcar.  I think have have used that before… need some new material.

Our friends over at 2Dolphins tagged us on a meme and as much as we think they are lame… when someone calls you out – you have to take care of business.  So this post is going in that direction… the taking care of business direction.

So if you want to play, feel free – we will not be tagging anyone… because it creates so much pressure and the last thing we need at the moment is more pressure right?  I mean we are in a Recession!  haha

I (James) will be taking this one for the team… giving you 7 things you likely didn’t know about me, and will likely forget upon reading this.  If you want to play along, link back to us and well… you know how it works.

1. I have a tattoo of a the Speedo logo on my hip.  I was a decorated swimmer (literally) in high school and the day I turned 18, my Mom went with me to hold my hand while I got the logo etched into my skin.  It may or may not be a bit longer at this point.

2. When I leave a room, I tend to slap each pocket on my pants to ensure I have all my belongings.  OCD much?

3. I wear two bracelets on my wrist.  One is a Livestrong bracelet in memory of my Brother that died of cancer.  The other is a “Riding With Barbaro” bracelet in memory of the racehorse that stole America’s heart.  I haven’t taken either off but maybe once in the past 2-3 years.

4. I live by the philosophy of “it never hurts to ask“.  I will likely die by it to be honest.

5. I have tried to build my life around the movie Scarface.  Take away the drugs and loose women, replace them with blogs and loose network cables… I just hope that I can go out fighting like he did.  The ultimate story of coming up from nothing.

6. After high school, I went to the school of life.  I major’d in… paying the bills.  Minor’d in… whatever kept me out of the oil industry.

7. Shala & I want to make a difference.  Online & offline.  We are working hard to figure out where it is we are supposed to be making this difference.  It seems like lately, that vision is becoming crystal clear.  Stay tuned.

Like I said before, feel free to participate.  We joke about these things all the time – but seriously, thanks Rob for giving us some blog fodder.  😉  Have fun with your meme-ing folks!

3 thoughts on “7 Things That You Will Probably Forget Anyhow”

  1. the scarface thing left me with an odd visual image in my head of a pile of blogs and you sticking your face in and just snorting it up.

    didnt know about the speedo thing, well I knew about the swimming not the tattoo. Shala has a pretty little one too right?

    But correct me if I am wrong but you took some form of classes to get to where your at with the computer things right?

    And no fair, rob already tagged you guys. Maybe I should change it to Shala. Because I just know she wants to do this post as well. I can feel it.

  2. Is the Speedo logo your only tat? (Like potato chips, it seems that a lot of people can’t stop at just one.)

    Per Thing #5, then in this interpretation, the users are the “cockaroshes,” right? 😉

    Amen to #6, altho it seems like just about anything you do here in the Basin ultimately links back to petroleum.

    Now I’m all anxious to hear more about #7!

  3. @Anita – Shala has a ladybug on her ankle. I took a general networking class (probably as far away from what I do for a job as possible)… but I have learned all my web stuff either on the job, or by reading online. All my web marketing & blogging has been on my own.

    Same with photoshop, any other program I use, has pretty much been self-taught.

    HELL… take anything I know, I basically went all nerdy on that ass and learned it online. Gardening & BBQ – no different.

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