And The Encore Garden Giveaway Winners Are…

Geeze… this is going to take me forever.  I hope you guys appreciate what we do for you… :)

I’m not going to talk a lot this time just pull a sh!tload of winners and make a sh!tload of people very happy this Monday morning.  So let’s get to it!  Oh and just so you know, I am not going to make the image w/ the comment & random number laid on top – because honestly… that would take me 9 mths, and I would rather deliver a child that to do it – so trust that we will keep it fair & clean!

Winner #1 (Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew 3 Pack) – Kathleen Zeman

Way to go Kathleen!  You did it!  You really did it!

Winner #2 (Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew 3 Pack) – Breno

Wait… are you a model or something?  Only one name, Breno – that’s hip.  YOU WON!

Winner #3 (Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew 3 Pack)- Travis

Travis called his shot like Babe Ruth, saying in his comment… I JUST WON YEAA!  Indeed sir… you did.

Winner #4 (Annie’s Goat Hill Soaps) – Steisy

Now you can wash your garden hands w/ some awesome Goat’s Milk Soap!  Way to go Steisy (also a model apparently).

Winner #5 (The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Composting) – Colleen Vanderlinden

I know I am going to catch hell for this one, as Colleen & I both joked about her winning so we could win a Mousie – but I swear I use to pull the numbers.  Congrats Colleen!

Winner #6 (Fiskars PowerGear Bypass Pruners) – Ellen Lief

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!  Good Job ELLEN!  Hope those come in handy!  Handy… get it?!

Winner #7 (Fiskars PowerGear Anvil Super Pruners/Loppers) – Andrew

Ok – this being my personal favorite giveaway item – just cuz I’m in love w/ my loppers – Andrew… do us proud w/ it!  Congrats!

Winner #8 (Fiskars UpRoot Weed & Root Remover) – Erin Walsh

Have never tried the UpRoot Tool – but I hear it is awesome, glad we could put it in the hands of Erin.  Congrats!

Winner #9 (Annie’s Annuals $25 Gift Certificate) – Jimbo

Gladly give this one over to a guy name Jimbo!  Congrats – hope this helps grow your garden in the right direction.

Winner #10 (Annie’s Annuals $25 Gift Certificate) – Wheeler

Wheeler – you won!  Now you just have to figure out how to spend your money!  Congrats!

Winner #11 (Corona Pruners) – Alexis N. Clark

Alexis – You did it… the unthinkable… YOU WON!  Congrats!

Winner #12 (Corona Pruners) – Susan Crawford

THE Susan Crawford – congrats, hope you can use these pruners to your advantage.

Winner #13 (Corona Pruners) – Matt Moore

Matt Moore – winner.  That is what the headline would read… if I made a newpaper for this?!?  But I don’t.  Congrats.

Winner #14 (Corona Pruners) – Kathy Nunes

You WON Kathy!  Are you excited?  It is not every single day you win a set of Corona Pruners!

Winner #15 (Corona Pruners) – Dianne Warren

Oh no… when I pulled this one… I immediately though, crap – another one I am going to catch hell on.  THIS IS MY MOM!  Congrats mom, you made me… Corona gave you pruners – I think we are even!

Winner #16 (Ethel Gloves) – Catherine MacPhail

Who gets awesome gloves – Catherine!  Congrats Catherine – hope these keep your hands safe!  Good luck & good gardening.

Winner #17 (Felcos Hand Pruners – from – Heather

Mr. Cotter has picked you, WINNER!  Thanks for playing and hope these Felcos made your day!

That is it… :(

Wish we could do more but haven’t we done enough!  We have to give a BIG shout-out to all our sponsors, you guys have really went above & beyond on this whole giveaway-a-thon.  We are so proud to be involved w/ you guys and happy to help spread the word when it comes to your awesome products!  We hope everyone had a fantastic time, and even if you didn’t win – you will hop on this comment thread and show some love to our spons0rs.  They really did a great thing for the online gardening community and in hopes to inspire more gardeners to get involved.

Thanks to everyone who participated too – we really do enjoy giving this stuff away – you wouldn’t understand unless you had read the emails and saw the pictures of everyone having fun w/ their winnings!  Expect a “winners” post soon w/ pictures!  Until next time – have a fantastic day and an awesome gardening season!

5 thoughts on “And The Encore Garden Giveaway Winners Are…”

  • 1
    Jenn on April 19, 2010

    Thanks for all the fun!

  • 2
    Matt Moore on April 19, 2010

    WooHoo!!! Thanks for the fun & games! Oh, and the pruners too!!!

  • 3
    Benny on April 20, 2010

    LOL, well, I posted a day late. Maybe next time.

  • 4
    James on April 20, 2010

    @Jenn – thanks for playing along.

    @Matt – Thanks for being involved.

    @Benny – haha!

  • 5
    GreenSoil on April 24, 2010

    Just wanted to say Thank You @DoubleDanger for hosting a fantastic garden GIVEAWAY again this year. Authentic Haven Brand is always pleased to be a part and we are so happy to see gardeners enjoying our premium soil conditioner teas (aka Moo Poo Teas)

    Congrats! to all those gardeners out there that won and of course a special thank you to all those that entered…Let’s do it again this Holiday Season : ) with some fine hand made gifts…hint, hint, wink

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