And The Winners of the Fiskars Tools Are…

Another day… another winner… or two.  Two winners… again.  This is giveaway #12 and we have had 19 winners so far, w/ two more today.. a total of 21 so far.  Let’s give a hand to the Double Danger staff…

**clap clap clap clap clap**

Thanks… wait, staff is kinda a big word for two people.  Hell, we will take it.

We need a couple winners for this giveaway – who wants it?!?!  The PowerGear Bypass Pruners go to…

Winner of the Fiskars PowerBear Bypass Pruners

Congrats Robin!  You won the final pair of Fiskars pruners – so I hope you feel privilaged!  Because you are.  I hope you start a great love afair w/ your pruners and going on a pruner rampage in your neighborhood… or something.

Next the winner of the PowerGear Anvil Super Pruners (Loppers) is…

Winner of the Fiskars PowerGear Anvil Super Pruners (Loppers)

CONGRATS Sara!  I’m telling you… these loppers are top of the line.  Make us proud and lop w/ the best of them!

As always, we thank all of you that played along – and we especially thank Fiskars for once again COMING THROUGH BIGTIME!  You guys really did impact these giveaways w/ 6 different tools that will surely help people whoop their gardens into shape!  THANK YOU!  Ok… no more esclamation points in this post.  Promise.

We are not done yet though… one last give away…  NEXT! (crap, I almost made it w/out using another !)

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